Kevin Spacey’s Accusers Keep Dying as Third Accuser Dies

Screenshot 20191226 172416 Gallery News broke yesterday a third accuser of disgraced actor Kevin Spacey has died. Just before Christmas Spacey sent a cryptic Christmas video.
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News broke yesterday a third accuser of disgraced actor Kevin Spacey has died. Just before Christmas Spacey sent a cryptic Christmas video.

A third alleged victim of actor Kevin Spacey has died.

Danish author Ari Behn committed suicide on Wednesday, Fox News reports: Ari Behn, a former member of Norway’s royal family who was one of Kevin Spacey’s sexual assault accusers, died by suicide on Wednesday, his manager said. He was 47.

“It is with great sadness in our hearts that I on behalf of the very closest relatives of Ari Behn must announce that he took his own life today,” his manager, Geir Hakonsund, said in an email to AFP. …

In December 2017, Behn came forward to accuse Spacey, 60, of groping him under a table at a Nobel Peace Prize concert in 2007. Spacey never responded to that allegation and could not immediately be reached for comment.You’ll Be Surprised By The Cost of Luxury Rehab CentersRehab | Sponsored LinksAds by Revcontent

Behn, who would have been about 30 when the molestation occurred, is just the latest alleged victim to die.

In September an anonymous massage therapist who claimed to have been sexually assaulted by Spacey died.

“His untimely death was, to his family, a devastating shock that they are struggling to process and is so recent that they have not yet held his funeral service,” the alleged victim’s attorney, Genie Harrison, told Hollywood Reporter. “Out of professional responsibility, we notified Spacey’s counsel of Mr. Doe’s passing. We explained our intent to allow his family more time to get past their immediate, paralyzing grief and begin settling his affairs before we filed a death notice with the court — which is our prerogative as his counsel. Spacey ignored our request for compassion and filed the notice yesterday without our consent.”

In July, a different accuser withdrew a civil suit. According to Vanity Fair:

The accuser, a then-18-year-old busboy working at Nantucket bar Club Car, previously alleged that Spacey sexually assaulted him. …

The withdrawal, filed in Nantucket Superior Court, did not reveal if any kind of settlement had been reached between Spacey and his accuser. The lawsuit was also dropped “with prejudice”—meaning it can’t be refiled—though Spacey will still have to contend with criminal charges of indecent assault and battery. Spacey pleaded not guilty to the charges in January.

In May, a woman who accused Spacey of sexual harassment — apparently of one of her patients — died after being hit by a car.

Pop Culture reports:

The Patriot Ledger reports that Linda Culkin, 59, was crossing Burgin Parkway when she was hit by a car, with police Sgt. Karyn Barkas stating that Culkin was crossing while the traffic light was green. The driver tried to avoid her and, as a result, hit another vehicle head-on. No charges were filed against the driver. …

Culkin was a nursing assistant who was reportedly obsessed with Spacey and had threatened to kill the actor, according to prosecutors. She sent bomb threats to two of Spacey’s workplaces and also sent threats to his coworkers and associates. Radar claims that her threats to Spacey and his team began after one of Culkin’s patients told her about allegedly being attacked by Spacey.

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