Let Our Children Go Back To School

20200715 004313 Is it safe?  They can make it safe. All we need for them to do is open up the doors.  If they open up the doors they will come.

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Is it safe?  They can make it safe. All we need for them to do is open up the doors.  If they open up the doors they will come.

Sure there is much trepidation about children returning to the classroom this fall. After an abrupt shut down this winter, many parents are on the fence about their children returning to school.  At the same time, these same parents realize keeping their children at home and trying to be the parent and teacher is no easy fete.

Additionally, what’s not helping are the scare tactics like death notices the liberal media has been pushing. Who wouldn’t be afraid. But the truth of the matter is it’s safe. Look at the numbers from the CDC.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), among nearly 150,000 cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. between Feb. 12 and April 2, only about 2,500, or 1.7%, were in children. This is similar to what has been reported in other countries, such as China and Italy, that have had large outbreak. Children how do contract the virus almost always recover.


Also, according to the CDC more children died from the flu doing the 2019 season than COVID19. It’s time we all take a deep breath and realize schools are the place for our children to be. They deserve an education and normalcy as much as we can give them.


Now, if this is beginning to look political, it’s because it is.   Politicians are using our children as a political bargaining tool. One side wants more money and the other to destroy the economy.  By keeping children at home parents can’t go back to work. This inevitably would be a drain on families and the economy and of course the media would blame the president for the failure that they created from fear. Who suffers?  Our children will suffer for they will miss out on a solid education and acculturation process being around other children.

India and the United Kingdom have already returned their children back to school, and so far without incident.  If these countries can do it, why can’t America safely do the same thing? Let’s hope and pray cooler heads prevail and the liberal media stop with its doom and gloom.

However, if states still refuse to let our children go back to school, will they be willing to return tax payer dollars to parents so that they can pay for private schooling?

Let’s get our children back to school safely.


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