Liberals are Enablers

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Let me tell you about my cousin.

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Let me tell you about my cousin. She’s five years older than me, and growing up, I absolutely idolized and adored her. She was pretty, she was fun, she loved me…

Fast forward a few years. She was awarded Teacher of the Year in California, and they sent her to Space Camp. I was in awe of all she’d accomplished. She never had great grades, but she managed to get her degree and make something of herself. She was making a big impact in her community!

Enter Drugs. She claims she “only did pot,” and I don’t know of any test results, so let’s just say this is true. She started having issues….domestic violence, failure to appear, then theft and robbery, home invasions, you name it. This was just in California. She moved to Washington shortly after, where she stayed with her mom for a time.

I moved to California from Washington around this time, to work for a video game company, and I spent the day with her before I left. My grandpa (Papa) gave me about $500.00 for the trip, which was all the money I had in the world. I was headed there with the clothes on my back, and whatever I fit in my car, which wasn’t much.

At some point, she mentioned Papa had told her to tell me to give her some of my money, which I did without question. I had $200.00 left… Later that night when I spoke to Papa on the phone, I mentioned the money, and how I gave it to her, so that was taken care of, and not to worry…

He paused and said, “that money was for you.” I knew at that moment she’d lied to me, and honestly left me in a very poor position to start out in a new city. I literally had nothing, and it would be weeks before I got paid. It made me sad, and angry. I remember her telling me she smoked about $500.00 worth per week of marijuana. She was making around 125K per year by this point teaching. Why did she even need my money? It’s crazy!

Her life spiraled out of control. Drinking often, not working, and doing drugs….she began to have delusions. One night, she made religious fliers and posted them on the neighbors’ doors and windows. At 3:00 AM, someone almost shot her for it…

Her mom eventually kicked her out for her drug use, and she started living under a bridge in Seattle. She was arrested several more times: burglary, drugs, invasion, you name it. 26 arrests, and not longer than a couple days in jail…

Seattle is a Liberal #Shithole. The Liberals in charge of the city don’t believe in the law, and they look the other way when it comes to drug abuse. Had any one of these judges been able to put her away, my cousin wouldn’t be the crazy addict she is today.

Did I mention she put a hit out on my grandpa just last week? Yeah…..

Now she is still in jail for that one, thankfully, but 20 years too late. Her once amazing life is gone. They could have helped her. They could have saved her. Drying up in prison and thinking about the things you’ve done really works wonders.

I am angry at a system that allows habitual offenders to roam the streets. I recently watched a documentary on Seattle with @smalltownandrew. It illustrates perfectly what’s happened to my cousin, and what’s going on in states like Washington, Oregon, and California. (story here)

Police are hogtied, laws are not followed, drugs are rampant, murderers and rapists run free, the cities are a literal junkyard, and the homeless populations are out of control.

Turning a blind eye to the problem, or saying like the mayor of Berkeley once said “it adds some color” to the area, is absolutely absurd. No one wants to step on crap, smell pea, and watch people shoot up on their way to work.

Each and every one of these addicts needs help. If that means they go to jail to get clean for a while, so be it.

I can say I’m not surprised. The politicians running these cities are the same ones who push Sanctuary Cities on all of us. Their agenda of Americans LAST is at least consistent. They don’t care about cleaning up the cities and helping Americans. They’d rather turn once-fine cities into Third World Cesspools.


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Let me tell you about my cousin.

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2 thoughts on “Liberals are Enablers

    1. im hard pressed to feel sorry for her, but i am disenchanted with a Justice system that isn’t allowed to do their job. it’s a sad situation

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