List of White-Owned Restaurants

180814 F IL571 001 I'm a racist if I write something like that, right? Yet I see things like THIS all the time:

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I’m a racist if I write something like that, right? Yet I see things like THIS all the time:

  • Go Green but Buy Black: 10 Black-Owned Cannabis Companies For 4/20 –
  • 101 Black Owned Restaurants You Need To Try In All 50 States! – (if there was a you’d have riots..there isn’t by the way, I checked.)
  • Best black owned restaurant in New York, NY -Yelp
  • 50 Restaurants, 50 States: The Best Black-Owned Restaurants In America
  • 15 Mexican-Owned Restaurants Across the U.S. to Visit on Cinco de Mayo –
  • Six Latinx-Owned Restaurants in Portland You Need to Visit –

Just do a simple Google search and you’ll be shocked at just how many articles are written on Black restaurant owners, Mexican restaurant owners, but where are the “white owner” lists?

The only lists I could find, and there are unfortunately dozens of them, are lists created by SJWs stating that the white people who run the restaurants are culturally appropriating the food, and need to be shut down.


This Is a List of Every “Culturally Appropriative” Restaurant in Portland

After a white-owned burrito cart was forced to close last week, one Portland group wants to prevent more appropriation

Activists Publicly Expose White-Owned Restaurants Guilty of Cultural Appropriation All Over Portland

White-Owned Restaurants Shamed for Serving Ethnic Food: It’s Cultural Appropriation
‘It’s about profit, ownership, and wealth in a white supremacist culture.’

What? Am I not allowed to make burritos and eggrolls any more? Ridiculous as it is, Portland SJWs have gone to the extremes to harass white business owners and actually have succeeded in running many out of business.

These same “activists” have no issues at all with Asians running pizza parlors, etc. They don’t have anything to say about Koja’s take on a hamburger….(Rice patty buns with hamburger patty in the middle). Neither do I, just sayin! SJWs are off-the-hook deranged. If someone likes to cook, they should be allowed to cook whatever they want! It’s their passion, their dream, and these fartheads are literally ruining lives. Absolutely ridiculous!

There’s that white privilege again…


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I'm a racist if I write something like that, right? Yet I see things like THIS all the time:

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