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Deep breath…


Release and relax… 


Get into a yoga pose. Downward dog…


Drink a glass of wine. Merlot. Chardonnay. Cabernet…


Another deep breath. Now proceed with caution. 

I’m mad. 

I’m mad as HELL! (All caps)

I’m mad over what is happening. More precisely, I’m mad at COVID-19 aka the coronavirus. Or as some like to say the Chinese Virus or Wuhan Virus. And no “Chinese Americans” are not responsible (get real).

That said, how in the devil did this vicious virus manage to hopscotch across the globe and into America’s backyard? My backyard. Your backyard. My home. Your home. My safe place. Your safe place. Our safe place. Affecting our day to day lives. Shutting down just about everything. 

I’m mad as HELL, I tell you! I’m mad. 

Mad that the US is having to take a once-bustling economy offline and into a self-imposed rescission. Forcing people to stay at home and not work. The American dream put on hold while unemployment, despair, and uncertainty become the new normal along with social distancing. 

I’m mad as HELL!

Mad that we have to put distance between one another. Not that modern technology with cell phones and the like wasn’t already doing it. Schools are closed. Graduations are either delayed postponed or won’t happen. Proms, Senior Trips and Pre-K ceremonies won’t take place. This years’ vacations, family/school reunions and summer gatherings all in jeopardy of not happening. Somebody’s wedding is on hold. 

I’m mad as HELL!

Mad that somewhere in America a family is grieving the loss of a loved one. A loved one that they weren’t able to say goodbye to, and they won’t be able to have a proper funeral. Another family is at home patiently waiting for a text or call. Hoping for the call that a sick member will recover or have recovered. Yet it seems, from the look of things, that it is more of a reality, then not, the person has died. Then there is that mother to be having to give birth all alone in a hospital room. 

I’m mad as HELL! 

Mad that as this virus forces its way in our lives our elected officials are playing politics. They’d rather fund arts and crafts then fund money for food on the table. They’d rather fund the killing of the innocent then fund money to save the living. They’d rather fund money for more partisan investigations then use that money to save America. They rather throw money at unachievable green new deals than make certain America will recover from this dark travesty. 

I’m mad as HELL! 

Mad that there is a potential drug Hydroxychloroquine that could possibly save lives and give hope, but one governor (in New York) is refusing to allow its use. He’d prefer seeing people suffer or lay up in a hospital. Wanting to increase hospital numbers, Aye?

Mad that communist China knows more about this deadly virus but is saying less. China has unleashed a doomsday bomb on the world. And no one seems to want to hold them accountable. 

I’m made as HELL!

Mad that the American media seems to be complicit with China’s actions. Refusing to question the regime on what they knew about this apoplectic virus and when. How many Chinese really died in Wuhan and are they still dying? Why didn’t they accept America’s offer to come to China and work with them to contain the virus? Why did they expel the two American journalists who were investigating the story? Did the doctor, who first reported on the virus, really die from it? What of the other doctors who tried to warn the Chinese government and others that the virus was more dangerous than what was being reported? Where are they?

The American media is behaving like a propaganda tool for communist China. They refuse to question the culprit. Instead, they report on the virtues of China and how they have fewer deaths than other countries. Really? Do we really think China would be truthful to us? Come on? We need answers!

I’m mad as HELL!

This virus came from CHINA, and they have a lot to answer.


I’m mad as HELL! 

I’m mad as HELL knowing that before it is over this deadly virus could claim anywhere between 100,000 and 200,000 thousand lives, and it could be more. Let’s hope the numbers are wrong. 

If you aren’t mad as HELL you ought to be. Somebody is dying out there and we need to know why?