MAGA Morning Report 3/20/19 Warren wants to end Electoral college. Paul Ryan hired at Fox

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📍Warren wants to end Electoral College

📍Fox News hires Paul Ryan to board of directors

📍Kellyanne Conways husband George Conway called out by Trump

Elizabeth Warren at her town hall Monday said that we should end the electoral college. Every vote must count she said. Obviously a ploy for Democrats to get illegal votes in the general election.

Fox News has hired RINO and never Trumper Paul Ryan to its board of directors. The Republican establishment and the Democrats are trying to hijack fox news

George Conway has been running his mouth about Trump for months finally Trump has had enough!

Brazil’s President knows about fake news also

Jeb Bush says that Republicans need a choice and someone should run against Trump. Still sour grapes

The day in tweets

More from Warren’s town hall

How the Russia hoax began

Nunes wants Twitter to stop

Perverted TSA worker. SAD

Abolishing the electoral college

Chris Wallace is terrible

Gaetz with an update

The coup was real

Charges dropped?

Wtf she talking about

Wendy is struggling

Thank you so much for joining me on the 9th day in a row of morning reports! Without you reading this would not be possible. Thanks and have a great Wednesday!

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Top Stories

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