Man who Lost Mom on 9/11 Blasts Omar’s “Someone Did Something”

9999999999999 A man who lost his mother speaks out in response to Ilhan Omar's desciption of the terror attacks of 9/11 "Some people did something" comment....

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A man who lost his mother speaks out in response to Ilhan Omar’s desciption of the terror attacks of 9/11 “Some people did something” comment….

“I am here today to honor my 76-year-old mother Francis on the solemn 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Mom, we all miss you and love you very much. This day I also remember over 200 personal friends and co-workers that I knew, that died,” he said, before addressing Omar’s callous remarks directly.

“Some people did something’ said a freshman congresswoman from Minnesota to support and justify the creation of CAIR. Today I am here to respond to you exactly who did what to whom,” he said.
“Madam, objectively speaking, we know who and what was done. There is no uncertainty about that,” he said, questioning her confusion.

“On that day, 19 Islamic terrorists, members of Al Qaeda, killed over 3,000 people and caused billions in dollars of economic damage. Is that clear?” he asked.

“But as to whom? I was attacked. Your relatives and friends were attacked. Our constitutional freedoms were attacked, and our nation’s founding on Judeo-Christian principles were attacked. That’s what some people did. Got that now?” he continued.

“We are here today, Congresswoman, to tell you and the ‘Squad’ just who did what to whom. Show respect in honoring them, please,” he pleaded.
Omar made the dismissive remarks during a keynote address for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in March.

“CAIR was founded after 9/11, because they recognize that some people did something, and then all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties,” Omar told the crowd:


Even the Socialists were defending Omar; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says remembering 9/11 with the images of the Twin Towers in flames is “inciting violence against Progressive Women of Color.” No. Just No. The violence has already been incited. The perpetrators were MUSLIMS. “Muslim” is not a color. We have a right to call it what it is. Terrorism stemming from terrorist ideologies.

The victims will always be remembered in AMERICA. No snowflake will ever deny the honor that is deserved to our dead and forever wounded.