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Welcome to today’s morning report

Top stories

📍Nunes Sue’s Twitter

📍Fox News hires Donna Brazile

📍More Fox news backlash

Devin Nunes is suing Twitter for 250 million dollars. Anyone who has been on Twitter knows how biased and one sided it is for leftist.

“The case we’re basically making is this was an orchestrated effort. So people were targeting me, there were anonymous accounts that were developed … and these accounts are not supposed to exist. Twitter says that they don’t have accounts that do this,” he said.

Fox News comes under even more fire for hiring Donna Brazile. As if suspending the Judge was not bad enough they now hire the former head of the DNC. Is Fox News turning into a liberal cess pool?

Some of donna past analysis on Fox news 🤮

Twitter was on fire yesterday about Judge Jeanine and Dona Brazil Patriots are boycotting fox News in droves.

Democrats already talking a Vice President

top tweets from the day

Sounds like BS to me

People love this President

Beto raising money

Meghan Mccain bitter and angry

Bad choice

Looking beautiful so far #ifyoubuilditTHEYwontcome

Of course @POTUS was right

Egg boy gets stuck

Betos bizzare past


Another epic rampage rant


Apparently immigration is not a national security issue

Beto supports 3rd term abortion

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Welcome to today's morning report

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