Nancy Slipped and Fell and Failed

Screenshot 20191220 194415 Gallery Nancy Pelosi is an abject failure.

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Nancy Pelosi is an abject failure.

She slipped and fell and failed. She knows it. The American people know it as does the liberal media.

Some in the liberal media have even questioned her ridiculous power play in holding up the articles of impeachment and not sending them to the Senate. After all, it was from her mouth and that of the other obstructionist Democrats who said that they must impeach the president immediately citing him as being a threat to national security. Yet, here we are with Nancy prolonging the process.



Well, she doesn’t have a case for impeachment. The charges are as flimsy as the dresses she wears.

Sure a few Democrats and media pundits are taunting the baseless power move by Nancy as gutsy and clever. But remember these are the same people who said Trump wouldn’t win the presidency, but he won. They also bragged that Nancy is good at counting votes, as compared to what? She is the House Speaker. She better be good at something.

What she isn’t good at is taking the voters’ temperature check. Voters are growing weary and tired of the vengeful shenanigans of Nancy and her fellow Democrats. As for the media, voters know they are biased and prone to lie.

First, they all pushed the Russia Collusion lie, which proved to be empty. Then they turned a simple phone call by the president into a quid pro quo emergency. Anyone with a ninth-grade education (liberals pride themselves as being educated) could tell you there was no quid pro quo. Perhaps the phone call wasn’t appealing for the appetite of some, but to turn it into articles of impeachment ( that don’t even mention quid pro quo, bribery or extortion) is a big stretch.

Nancy is out of her league. She is trying to play a high stakes game with a player who is drawing circles around her. She might know politics, but the president knows how to play the media, and he is street smart. He is also in-depth at reading the pulse of the voters and electorates* (note closing remarks on electorate).

Meanwhile, Nancy is being led by the liberal media and her party’s radical arm down a rabbit hole. That hole is dark cold, with many twists and turns and never-ending. She seems to be forgetting the liberal media isn’t the electorate. Nor are they the voters who vote. Albeit, the liberal media is giving her favorable coverage, as she sorts out her next move, they are not the voters she is representing.

So as all watch and wait for Nancy’s next weak power play, the president is getting stronger and becoming more favorable to voters. He is also keeping all His promises to Make America Great Again and then Keep America Great.

*As a side note: it is only a matter of time before Nancy and company start going after the electorates of the electoral college. They will do their best to intimidate, bully and threaten them to cast their votes for a Democrat candidate in 2020 despite how the voters voted.


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