New York City signs its own Green New Deal

, New York City signs its own Green New Deal, magAMedia, magAMedia
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New York city is the first city to mandate its own Green New Deal. Many think it is motivated by how much energy Trump Tower uses and the possibility of costing the Trumps a lot of money.

New York Mayor de Blasio says that “inefficient” glass and steel towers will have 10 years to switch to only renewable energy.

the Big Apple is to become the Green Apple, it will have to ban the steel and glass towers that form its signature skyline, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio.

De Blasio, speaking on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” said that city’s most iconic structures – the tall skyscrapers seen from miles away – are the “biggest source of emissions” in New York City. The drastic change, and a switch to only renewable energy within five years, are necessary for Gotham to embrace the Green New Deal, de Blasio said.

“We are putting clear, strong mandates” to lower emissions, he said, warning property owners will face massive fines unless buildings are retrofitted.

The first of any major city on the Earth to say to building owners, ‘you’ve got to clean up your act, you’ve got to retrofit, you’ve got to save energy,’” he said. “If you don’t do it by 2030 there will be serious fines, as high as $1 million or more for the biggest buildings.”
He continued: “We’re going to ban the classic glass and steel skyscrapers, which are incredibly inefficient. If someone wants to build one of those things they can take a whole lot of steps to make it energy efficient, but we’re not going to allow what we used to see in the past.

Later Monday – which is also Earth Day – de Blasio held a press conference to introduce further his $14 billion plan, called “OneNYC 2050: Building a Strong and Fair City.” He called it a new comprehensive plan to “prepare our city for the future.”

“Every day we wait is a day our planet gets closer to the point of no-return. New York City’s Green New Deal meets that reality head on,” he said. “We are confronting the same interests that created the climate crisis and deepened inequality. There’s no time to waste.

We’re taking action now, before it’s too late.” Under his Green New Deal, de Blasio said the city is committing to carbon neutrality by 2050 and 100 percent clean electricity, including hydropower.

New Yorkers better be ready for their already high cost of living to sky rocket. President Trump is cutting regulations around the country, and everyone is doing better for it, but New York City’s local government continues to sabotage their own residence from benefiting.

The census data found that New York City’s population is declining for the first time because New York City has the highest cost of living in the country and it is only getting worse.


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, New York City signs its own Green New Deal, magAMedia, magAMedia

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