Non-Binary Gay BLM Protester dies, another fights for life after Protesters block freeway. BLACK motorist arrested

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A white woman was struck by a car last night in Seattle while protesters were blocking the middle of the road for the BLM movement. The man who hit her has now been arrested

Screenshot 20200705 162458 Gallery KIRO 7 reported

KIRO 7 reported

Dawit Kelete, 27, who is suspected of driving into the crowd, is in the King County Jail, ahead of his first court appearance on Monday.

Troopers said Kelete somehow managed to get past the roadblocks on I-5 and plow into protesters while headed in the wrong direction on the freeway.

Troopers described Kelete as “reserved and sullen” when they arrested him, according to court documents. They also said he asked if the injured protesters were doing OK.

Troopers said he did not have any drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the crash.

“Very candidly, we don’t know at this point in the investigation what the motive was, what the reasoning was,” Mead said.

KIRO 7 found out that Kelete has faced charges of assault, trespassing and malicious mischief in the past. However, each charge was eventually dismissed.

This time, troopers said things could be very different. “At the very least, we’re looking at vehicular assault charges right now, felony hit and run, but those could be upgraded depending on the progress of the investigation,” Mead said.

As troopers investigate the crash, they’re also cracking down on any future protests that might happen on the freeway.

“We’re letting them know now that we’ll block their access, and if they go around and they actually do go out on the freeway, they will be arrested,” a trooper said.

Troopers said there is no proof that Kelete acted deliberately.

Kelete is expected to face several serious charges.

Mayor Jenny claims even though they were blocking a freeway she was still a peaceful protester. She has blood on her hands because she has refused to step in and do anything about the unsafe conditions in her city.

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