Occupy City Hall In New York Looks Like a Dump ! EXCLUSIVE Video and Photos

20200701 195929 Watch the shocking video below 👇
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Magamedia contributor Rob J. Harper was on the scene and conducted interviews from the protesters filling up Occupy City Hall in New York City. New York City mayor Bill De Blasio has consistently been weak on crime but after watching what happened in Seattle, how long will he hold out?

Watch the shocking video below 👇

As seen in the video, hundreds of protesters were continuing their occupation of City Hall following a City Council vote that included $837 million in funding cuts for the New York Police Department.

IMG956152 Watch the shocking video below 👇

Although full details of the budget have not been confirmed there will be no July class of NYPD recruits which would have included about 1,200 officers. There will be a massive reduction in overtime spending, and a reduction in non-personnel spending. The overtime budget for the NYPD was budgeted for $523 million. That was cut by $296 million. However the protesters are still not happy and demanding more.

IMG956147 Watch the shocking video below 👇

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