Open Borders Warren Blames Trump for the Coronavirus Outbreak

, Open Borders Warren Blames Trump for the Coronavirus Outbreak, magAMedia, magAMedia

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Democrats have gone mad. Not mad cow disease mad, but mad. Elizabeth Warren, now assuming to be 1/1024% Scientist says Trump’s policies are to blame for the Wuhan Coronavirus invading the United States.

Open borders have given rise to diseases that were literally eradicated in the United States. People are now being required to get vaccines for diseases we, as a nation, had successfully gotten rid of decades ago.

But now Warren, along with all the other Democrat presidential hopefuls are claming Trump’s policies have caused the virus to jump our borders and infect U.S. citizens.

Of course, Liberals clearly are on her side.

WHO only just declared a worldwide emergency. They did not see it as a threat, but have now rethunk their position on the matter. CDC had said the same. Here’s my thread with all the updates on the virus.

Cautionary measures were in fact taken, such as screening at all major airports. The state of the virus itself has been in question as of late, with nurses coming out claiming more than 100K are infected. Video has surfaced to that regard, but it could not be verified, so we did not post it.

Clearly the Liberals do not see the destructive nature of their own policies. With open borders, it would only get worse.

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