Report : Operation Gideon has begun in Venezuela. Shots fired, shots fired!

Operation Gideon, Report : Operation Gideon has begun in Venezuela. Shots fired, shots fired!, magAMedia, magAMedia
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Operation Gideon has begun in Venezuela. Shots have been fired. THE MARCO GUTIERREZ SHOW discussed what happened in Venezuela on Monday, with calls for US Military strikes to aid the people of Venezuela and freedom fighters.

Operation Gideon : Exclusive info

*More information on this developing story here!

A tidbit not reported ANYWHERE: President Trump phoned both the presidents of Paraguay and Bolivia Monday, ostensibly to discuss Covid-19 response and donate some medical supplies.  Both administrations are strong, conservative allies that would benefit from increased US military presence in many ways.  Trump is laying the groundwork for a larger military intervention into Venezuela, perhaps based from these nations!

Article here on breaking info!

Latest (May 6th) breakdown here:
That post is a tutorial for Venezuelans to report locations of military targets.

The entire show can be seen here:

Blood on the rocks, anti-aircraft machinery, and other signs that patriots are in trouble. The revolution has begun and the people are suffering.

Operation Gideon : Wanted fugitives and Cartels

Wanted fugitives, many of whom are drug cartel members who collude with Hezbollah are attacking the civilians of Venezuela with a heavy-handed military.

“Diosdado Cabello is a wanted fugitive criminal with a 10 million dollar price on his head,” stated Pastor Sam, of Gospel Gunslingers. Cabello is leading attacks on the civilians in Venezuela.

Operation Gideon : Mercenaries Detained

Two US “mercenaries” have been nabbed after a failed raid. which aimed to capture Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. Maduro stated on Monday after a failed beach raid, that two U.S. citizens were arrested. He held up the passports of the two individuals and read their names and birthdates on national televison, according to AP News.

Maduro showed pictures of the fishing boats they rode in on, and the night vision goggles and other gear they had in their posession.

The two U.S. citizens arrested Monday were identified as as Luke Denman and Airan Berry, both former U.S. special forces soldiers. Maduro summarily blamed the Trump administration as well as Colombia for the attacks. Both governments have denied involvement.

“The United States government is fully and completely involved in this defeated raid,” Maduro said, praising members of a fishing village for cornering one group in the sweep netting the “professional American mercenaries.”

Operation Gideon : Ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau

Ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau said Monday that he was working with the two men in a mission intending to capture Maduro and “liberate” Venezuela. Goudreau has claimed responsibility for the operation dubbed “Operation Gideon.”

America needs to be behind the people who are fighting for their homeland, and rise up to defend the values we ourselves hold so dear.

Pastor Sam remarked that China has been aiding the Maduro regime, ready to dominate the country, and WWIII has in fact already begun, as posted on Twitter by the President of El Salvador back in March. Communist Dictatorships are in fact a threat to the entire free world, and cannot be allowed to continue to flourish.

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