Screenshot 20191022 094302 Gallery It's not even about being politically correct. It's all about biologically correct and commonsense.

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It’s not even about being politic152393562ally correct. It’s all about biologically correct and commonsense.

What is that you might ask. It’s simple. Women have periods and men don’t. Period. Girls have periods and boys don’t period. Females have periods and males don’t. Period.

It doesn’t matter how many times the left says a man or a boy can have a period, they can’t and never will be able to. Period.

So Procter & Gamble (P&G) can kowtow all it wants. They can change its Venus symbol on the feminine product Always (to appease individuals who are females but claim to be males having periods). But at the end of the day, the product is still designed for girls and women who have monthly periods. Period.

Having the symbol that stands for what the product is for is by no means offensive. It is a fact.

That said if you are trans be trans, but don’t assume or expect the world to change to cater to your needs. Just be and stop making others think they are wrong for being who they are. Biology is biology and it dictates. Period.

Furthermore, there are more women (aka females) who have periods and don’t identify as a man (aka male) having a period. Period. P&G should be ashamed for perpetuating this lie.

For far too long society has been bending over backgrounds attempting to appease the unappeasable with political correctness. It has gone too far. We are a nation on the borderline of craziness.

What is wrong with having products designed for women and men. If you don’t like the product don’t use it. If the product doesn’t fit your lifestyle, don’t use it. But stop forcing your political agenda on the masses and making us the bad guy simply because we believe science.

You would think a group who is so engaged with science and use it as a guiding would agree. Case in point, they believe in climate change for all the science data proves it. Yet, when it comes to the basic science of biology of the genders they become dumb.

Plain and simple: two genders male and female. One has a period (menstrual cycle) and the other doesn’t. It’s commonsense. Period.

If you don’t agree, see a psychiatrist. Period.