Portland May Day Riots- Police Report the Scene was Peaceful

, Portland May Day Riots- Police Report the Scene was Peaceful, magAMedia, magAMedia

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Portland: Riots broke out, reporters were sprayed with Pepper spray and bear repellant by ANTIFA, at the May Day event protesting ICE and the border wall. The rally was organized by Occupy ICE PDX.

The Portland police claim this was a peaceful event. One reporter begs to differ:

“I believe ICE is tearing apart families and deporting people who have made very important contributions to our society,” said Rod Such, one of the speakers at the event and a member of Occupation Free Portland. “It’s an agency that’s carrying out our awful, chauvinistic, racist immigration policy and it should be abolished.”
Such specifically called out G4S, a security firm that works with ICE and also has contracts with TriMet and with the city of Portland.
“We are urging everyone to contact the Portland City Council and say this contact should not be renewed,” he said. “As a sanctuary city, we have no business contracting with a company that works with ICE.”

Peaceful, huh? Just another example of Liberal brats throwing tantrums, destroying the city, and attacking people, while the local “sanctuary city” government turns the other way, and allows it to happen. Pathetic.


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, Portland May Day Riots- Police Report the Scene was Peaceful, magAMedia, magAMedia

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