Prince Charles tests positive for Coronavirus; Visited the Queen While Sick

, Prince Charles tests positive for Coronavirus; Visited the Queen While Sick, magAMedia, magAMedia

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Prince Charles has tested positive for the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus (COVID-19). He is now self-isolating on his 500+ acre estate with wife Camilla (She has tested negative and is with Charles in isolation at Birkhall, his estate at Balmoral in Scotland.) Prince Charles complained of very mild symptoms and opted to test for the virus.

Prince Charles met with the Queen days before testing positive for the virus.

Some locals wondered how someone with hardly any symptoms could get tested, when there are others needing tests that are far more ill. Some responses were “because he’s a royal, suck it up.”

The Queen is following the advice of her royal physicians, and is in good spirits. She currently has no symptoms.

Still, this is an alarming revelation for Brits.

The Prince of Wales, 71, is Britain’s future head of state as King Charles III. He is first in line after his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, who turns 94 next month. If something were to happen to both of them, his elder son, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, 37, would become King William V. 


From TheGuardian:

In Britain too, some medical staff are making the agonising decision to live apart from pregnant partners, while teachers caring for key workers’ children shove work clothes in the wash at the end of the day and try not to think about what could be lingering on them. Yet still key workers can’t get tested – even when they start showing symptoms – to confirm whether they pose a risk, either to those they help or to their own families. For now, precious laboratory time is reserved for those sick enough to come into hospital.

No wonder some were furious, then, when it emerged that Prince Charles had been tested despite suffering from what’s said to be only a mild case of coronavirus. Buckingham Palace insists it was done for sound clinical reasons, and even if it wasn’t, one princely test makes no practical difference to the ability of hundreds of thousands of key workers to get one.

But this spasm of public anger is a warning sign, nonetheless. It suggests we’re moving into a dangerous new stage of this epidemic, one where heartwarming stories of hope and altruism – small children pogoing manically to Joe Wicks’ free live-streamed PE lessons every morning, almost half a million people volunteering overnight to run errands for the vulnerable – may give way to something darker.

Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall – who left London for the Balmoral estate only hours before the government instructed everyone else not to flee to the country, for fear of spreading infection or overloading rural health services – aren’t alone in hightailing it out of town. While the super-rich seek to ride out the epidemic in hastily rented moated mansions, or on deserted tropical islands, the weekending middle classes have quietly decamped to second homes in Devon or Norfolk or Cumbria.

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