Proof Twitter is Censoring Us!

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We showed you the blatant censoring of President Trump’s account a while back…

Well now, it seems there is a widespread phenomenon on Twitter. I first noticed it earlier this week. People I know would post a tweet, I’d go to retweet it, and it would say “tweet deleted” or “tweet unavailable.” These are people I follow, and who follow me. We don’t block eachother, and we talk to one another often. If I went directly to their profile, I could retweet from there. Most times, it was impossible to “Like” or “retweet” a tweet. And I wasn’t alone:

Just read the comments….this is crazy!
My tweet appeared to be deleted to one of the people trying to respond…..

I thought with Devin Nunes’ up and coming lawsuit against Twitter, they’d be more careful…but nope.

March 29th just happened to be the opening day of a pro-life movie called “Unplanned.” Well, Twitter suspended it “by mistake” that day, and unbanned it shortly after a few people wrote in to complain.

The problems didn’t stop there though:

We’ve all seen the Project Veritas Movies about Twitter Engineers’ strategy for silencing the Conservative voice.

I’m going to let you in on something, Jack…we DO notice. When average retweets on an account go from around 1000-2000 to 400-500, we know what’s going on…when impressions go down by millions, we know what’s going on, when people see their likes disappear before their eyes, we notice…when people DM us or tell us in a post they “can’t retweet” we notice.

Twitter plays favorites. I hope Devin Nunes has seen the tweets presented today…Twitter can explain away the followers thing on Unplanned by saying yes, it takes 24 hours for the account to reset, as it looks fine now, and the followers are back…however, they can’t explain the “deleted” message people are getting, nor the inability to retweet tweets.

Twitter’s goal is for us to go away silently, to be silenced. They don’t like what we have to say? They shadowban us. Anyone who knows what this is, has had a hell of a time getting followers, retweets, likes, and their message out. I was shadowbanned for two months. My tweets were invisible to the world. While my friends gained thousands of followers, I was stuck at the same number for weeks.

This is a new form of Cyber bullying. The left loves to run the show, and they love control. @Jack does admit there’s a certain bias, and that conservatives working at Twitter are afraid to voice their opinions. Sad in a time where social media is so prevalent, that only one view is permitted, pushed, and promoted.

I’m sure they’ll claim it’s a bug, but if it was, they surely would have posted a message about it on their Twitter account, right?

Don’t forget they also plan on annotating Trump’s tweets, when they supposedly are in violation of the rules…I take it this will be their way of hiding whatever the President has to say from the masses….

Enough is enough!


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