Report: Fired US Attorney Geoffrey Berman Was Working Against Trump the Whole Time

Geoffrey Berman Refuses to Aid Trump, Report: Fired US Attorney Geoffrey Berman Was Working Against Trump the Whole Time, magAMedia
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Geoffrey Berman Refuses to Aid Trump : What do General Flynn, Robert Mueller, Roger Stone, Jeffrey Epstein, Rudy Giuliani, the President of Honduras, the recent mishandling of Coronavirus pandemic in New York, the Sinaloa Cartel, and El Chapo all have in common? Recently outed US attorney in Manhattan, Geoffrey Berman.

Berman has clashed with the US Dept of Justice over the handling of politically charged cases, all the while continuing to asssert his independence from President Trump’s power.

Clearly he has been working against President Trump for a long while.

More than thirty high-profile drug traffickers, sit in their current resting place in prison, where they have been providing tips regarding crimes in return for lighter sentences.

You may remember in 2019, Former Honduran congressman Tony Hernández was convicted of conspiring to import cocaine into the United States and related firearms and false-statements offenses. Tony Hernandez is a political prisoner. The US Attorney oncall was one Geoffrey Berman.

Tony Hernandez, brother of Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado, was implicated in drug trafficking himself, while bringing more than 30 to justice, and was eventually charged with criminal drug activity. He is now a political prisoner. President Alvarado himself was implicated in the drug trafficking as well. It is interesting that the people going after the drug problem are the ones being incarecerated, isn’t it?

Geoffrey Berman Refuses to Aid Trump

“War on drugs” was really a “war FOR drugs” according to ruthless killer and convicted drug kingpin “La Barbie” under G.W.Bush & Obama admins. US & Mex governments were double-dealing the whole time!

The President of Honduras tests positive for Coronavirus. Coincidence? Or are things working in such a way to silence the dissention.

A.G. Barr has butted heads with quite a few from Berman’s office over the recent handling of many high-profile cases. This would include the General Michael Flynn case, the Roger Stone case, and the Biden-Ukraine issues. The latter being completely ignored by Attorney Berman.

From MSN: Barr clashed with federal prosecutors in recent weeks over the handling of two high-profile cases that touch the President, the sentencing of Stone and the oversight of the prosecution of Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser. Barr assigned the US attorney from St. Louis with re-examining the Flynn investigation, among others. He also created a new framework for investigations relating to Ukraine with the appointment of the US attorney in Brooklyn to coordinate any existing investigations and approve the “widening and expansion of existing matters,” according to an internal Justice Department memorandum.

The President of Paraguay recently tweeted, “With the president @realdonaldtrump We reaffirm the historical ties between Paraguay and the United States. We are together to defend democracy in the region, strengthen cooperation against transnational organized crime, and boost bilateral trade and investment.”

Pastor Sam of Gospel Gunslingers, wrote “Another upcoming issue is the trial of Mexican ex-governor (and later presidential candidate) Tomás Yarrington Ruvalcaba. He was the governor of the state of Tamaulipas which borders the US state of Texas. Yarrington is accused of cartel involvement during his six-year mandate.

US courts recently convicted Jaquín “El Chapo” Guzman. He was guilty and deserves to die in prison. Contrarily, there are political prisoners from Latin nations like Yarrington and Antonio Hernandez, the brother of the the Honduran president (who has extradited more than 30 narco traffickers to the US for prosecution). Latin leaders should supervise this process y ensure that it is fair. Jury selection (for the Yarrington trial begins) January 10th. The trial will begin the following week.” (This trial date has been set back repeatedly and had not yet begun).”

A source has said Berman has been a heavy-handed influencer in terms of Conservative censorship, and attacks on right-wing media outlets like Alex Jones.

So the real question here is, why would the US Attorney Berman decide to continually go after Trump and his associates when there are so many more SLAM DUNK cases presented almost daily.

One might say there are bigger fish to fry here.

You might remember also that Jeffrey Epstein died on Berman’s watch.

Another happy coincidence? Or is Geoffrey Berman protecting someone special? A few someone specials? Biden, Obama, Hillary? Why go after people trying to save America while coddling the ones trying to literally destroy it.

Who has Berman been working for. It certainly hasn’t been the US.

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