#ResignOmar and #AOCSucks

, #ResignOmar and #AOCSucks, magAMedia, magAMedia

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Rep Omar Tweeted again about the 9/11 attacks, and so did Cortez….these girls just need to keep their mouths shut. Their rebuttal and defense to the “someone did something” comment included telling a war veteran he didn’t do enough for the 9/11 victims, and claimed the criticism of those remarks were inciting violence…

Trump replied to her “some people did something” remarks with a video, and a statement saying “we will never forget!” Plain and simple, pretty explanatory, yes? Oh my…Ilhan took this as an “incitement to violence,” as did all the other braindead politicians and bad actors on Twitter.

Trump did the right thing. He called Omar out for her statement, as it was completely uncaring, unamerican, and cold. People DIED, and she could not even admit or condemn the travesty that occurred that day.

It’s okay I’ll do it for you, Dan. Omar: You are UNAMERICAN!

Cortez chimed in…

Crenshaw is a Veteran who fought IN AFGHANISTAN. That’s how he lost his eye. It wasn’t because he was a dumb kid playing with a BB gun…. I think he’s done enough. He laid down his life for our country. What has AOC done? Slinging drinks and showing her tits to a bunch of guys partying every night is not really serving your country….proposing a Green New Deal that would bankrupt a nation is not really serving your country… She is a mouthpiece for Stupid.

It didn’t end there of course, everyone had to have their say:

Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren

Likening Trump’s Tweet to the holocaust is pretty harsh, Cortez…

Calling someone out is not a threat….disagreeing politically is not a threat…now, Maxine Waters telling everyone to get up in our faces and push back on us, perhaps. Fake news telling everyone to punch a Nazi…definitely. Everyone dogpiling on a kid from Covington with threats of violence, definitely.

The other side is once again playing the victim card when their hands are empty. The dealer has all the cards here.

Omar even tried to defend herself with a comment about George W. Bush.

She cannot be this stupid. This was a war cry. This was Bush saying “we’ll find who did this (they did not know at the time), and they will feel our pain.” Here again she tries to lessen the impact of a national event that impacted millions of people, and changed lives forever.

Her bio:

, #ResignOmar and #AOCSucks, magAMedia, magAMedia

I don’t see American on there anywhere…just saying.


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, #ResignOmar and #AOCSucks, magAMedia, magAMedia

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