Sanders’ Socialist Medical Nightmare

image2 Bernie Sanders says National Healthcare will save us money in the long run. Really?

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Bernie Sanders says National Healthcare will save us money in the long run. Really?

Is that because with government control, they can deny treatment to anyone they wish? Remember little Charlie Gard? Britain wouldn’t let him and his parents leave the country for a medical trial that had a chance of helping his rare condition. The President’s Right to Try bill is just one reason to not go Socialist on Healthcare. (source)

Is it because the wait times will be so long, people will miss their window of treatment, and die, or be forever changed. Eye surgery rationing is a thing in Britain…and people are going blind because of it. (source)

Gerald Friedman, an economist at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, estimates that the price of establishing universal coverage in the United States would be $1.38 trillion per year over the first 10 years. Higher cost estimates from the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget reach $2.8 trillion per year in the first decade of coverage.

Some nations that offer universal care have resorted to the rationing of medical services. This is done because some people abuse the system, seeking care for a condition that doesn’t require a visit to a medical provider to treat. Service restrictions and controlled distribution may make it difficult for people to receive the care that they actually need.


The British are short on doctors and nurses. People just keep quitting…wonder why.

Vacancies for doctor and nurse positions have reached all-time highs. Patients are facing interminable waits for care as a result. This August, a record number of Britons languished more than 12 hours in emergency rooms. In July, the share of cancer patients who waited more than two months to receive treatment soared.

The NHS has struggled to fully staff its hospitals and clinics since its inception in 1948. But today, the shortages are growing worse. 9% of physician posts are vacant. That’s a shortfall of nearly 11,500 doctors.

The NHS (Britain’s Socialized healthcare has been around 70 years and is imploding.

Canada’s single-payer healthcare system forced over 1 million patients to wait for necessary medical treatments last year. That’s an all-time record.
Those long wait times were more than just a nuisance; they cost patients $1.9 billion in lost wages, according to a new report by the Fraser Institute, a Vancouver-based think-tank.


Socialized medicine sounds great on paper, you have to admit. I’d love to be able to get my teeth fixed! But Socialized healthcare has proven a disaster in so many places, one can only imagine the havoc it would cause in the US. We just can’t afford to pay for everyone else’s sh**. We shouldn’t have to wait two months to go to the doctor either….


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Bernie Sanders says National Healthcare will save us money in the long run. Really?

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