Sen. Tim Kaine : ‘U.S. Didn’t Inherit Slavery, We Created it’ What??

Sen. Tim Kaine, Sen. Tim Kaine : ‘U.S. Didn’t Inherit Slavery, We Created it’ What??, magAMedia
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Sen. Tim Kaine : Tim Kaine on the senate floor claimed that the United States created slavery.

We need to hold police officers and police departments accountable for violent reckless behaviour,”

“We need to promote better training and professional accreditation of police departments,” continued Kaine. “Why do we demand that Universities maintain accreditation to receive federal funds, but make no such demands for law enforcement?”

“We need to do much more, to dismantle the structures of racism that our federal, state and local governments carefully erected and maintained over centuries.”

The United States didn’t inherit slavery from anybody, we created it” continued Kaine. “It got created by the Virginia General Assembly and the legislators of the other states. It got created in the court systems in the colonial America. We created and maintained it over centuries.”

Sen. Tim Kaine

Kaine was blasted on social media.

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