Sharon Osbourne Surrenders To The Left’s “Woke Supremacy”

Threesome Here we go again. Yet another apology for being white and not knowing you are a closet racist.

Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, Piers Morgan

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Here we go again. Yet another apology for being white and not knowing you are a closet racist.

Gosh, I hate this stuff!

This time it involved the two hosts of a fledgling talk show on CBS “The Talk.” Sheryl Underwood, who’s black, was trying to explain to her white counterpart, Sharon Osbourne, that her defense for her friend Piers Morgan’s comments on Meghan Markle are racist as is he.

Needless to say, Underwood could not intelligently articulate to Osbourne how Morgan’s comments of Markle are racist. She did, however, explain that if the white host didn’t see his comments as racist she too was a racist like him. What? Having an unfavorable opinion about a person of a different race isn’t racist.

A person can be brutally critical in the comments of another without being racist. Which is what Morgan did. Sure he had a personal relationship with Markle at some point, but to label his critical comments as racist is stupid and ignorant to the fact of what a racist is. If anything, because the two had a previous relationship gives more weight to him not being a racist. For surely Markle wouldn’t keep the company of a racist.

Labeling everything a racist dilutes from its meaning. Unfortunately, I’m afraid this is what has happened. The meaning has been diluted.

To be honest, more than not this labeling comes from many on the left, who are obsessed with race. They are successful for the most part in labeling everything a racist and shutting down different views and ideas, as there is little push back.

Conservatives and moderates are afraid to push back with meaningful dialogue challenging them out of fear of being labeled a “bigot-racist” (as if the latter existed or made sense) and then being canceled.

Instead of challenging the label of being a racist many have chosen to acquiesce with an apology. This “guilt” apology will neither be accepted nor appreciated for it will never right a wrong perceived by the left.

So in essence, Osbourne should have stood her ground. She should have pushed back against Underwood’s claim of being a racist. Apologizing and not challenging her makes Osbourne look guilty that she is a racist and doesn’t know it as are other white people like her and Piers.

Thanks, Sharon Osbourne for cowering for nothing. Maybe you need your job on “The Talk” or could it be you want acceptance from the entertainment world and didn’t want them to ostracize you?

Gosh, I hate this BS!

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