Sickening! Teenagers Shot While Playing Basketball in Mayor de Blasio’s New York City [Video]

20200728 111502 Police Chief Rodney Harrison tweeted
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A list of shootings on Sunday came as the city grapples with a spike unlike anything it has seen in several decades

Police Chief Rodney Harrison tweeted

Yesterday, at approximately 6:40 p.m., an unknown male opened fire while hanging out of the sunroof of a late model Honda CRV at George Walker Jr. Park. The perpetrator struck three people, killing two innocent teenagers playing basketball.

The shooting was one of 15 to take place on one of the most deadly days in New York City: Seven people were fatally shot and one was stabbed to death on Sunday, 24 hours that came as New York City has wrestled with a spike in shootings unlike anything it has seen in several decades

“When we have a day with 15 shootings in New York City, that’s not a success,” Police Commissioner Dermot F. Shea said Monday in an interview on NY1. “There’s no other way to put that.”

Through July 26, the city has recorded 745 shootings, an increase of almost 75 percent from last year.

NY times reported

Homicides rose by 29 percent, up to 227 from 176 last year. The victims included a 1-year old boy, Davell Gardner Jr., who was fatally shot when gunmen attacked people at a late-night cookout in Brooklyn on July 12.

The surge in New York City has been part of a larger trend of shootings in large American cities. The spike has since become entangled in a fractious debate over the future of policing, which was sparked by the killing of George Floyd in May while in police custody in Minneapolis.

In New York, gun violence typically does increase in the summer months, when warmer weather lures more people outside and tempers are rankled by sweltering temperatures.

But experts have said the violence has been especially brutal this year as the coronavirus pandemic has exacerbated the socioeconomic problems that often contribute to gun violence.

Senior police officials and Mayor Bill de Blasio have also blamed the spike in shootings on a slowdown in the court system caused by the pandemic.

“We can solve our problems,” Mr. de Blasio said at a news briefing on Monday. “We have the ability to do it, but everyone has to come to the table.”

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