The Deep State Alive and Well

20191113 174232 Have no doubt of the existence of a deep state working to undermine the government.

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Have no doubt of the existence of a deep state working to undermine the government.

President Trump and his supporters have long since lamented about a Deep State infiltrating the government with designs to take out the president. However, their concerns seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Many in the liberal media have rejected such a notion, as they have been named as possible players of the Deep State.

That said, Nikki Haley, the former US Ambassador to the UN knows first hand of a possible government existence of a Deep State.

Haley, who also served as governor of South Carolina, writes about two White House officials working against the president’s agenda. This is in her newly published book “With All Due Respect,” which she has been on a press junket to promote.

In several television interviews, where she talks about the book, she recounts how former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson disagreed with the president on giving aid to Palestine. She said the two men tried to persuade her to side with them against Trump on Palestinian aid, but she resisted.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only thing the two men disagreed with the president. She said moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, the Iran Deal, and Paris Agreement were other issues they didn’t see eye-to-eye with the president.

She said Tillerson confided in her that when they (he and Kelly) resisted the president “they were trying to save the country…” She went on to say their actions were dangerous and they (or anyone else) should have quit if they didn’t agree with the president instead of undermining him and the constitution.

While Haley said Kelly and Tillerson were both patriots who loved America they “were two unelected people who thought they knew more than the president.” When asked if there were any other individuals she felt working against the president she said she didn’t know of any.

This revelation about Kelly and Tillerson is eye-opening. These two men, like so many others, give the persona that they are working with the president, but in actuality, they have an agenda of their own. Further proof as to the depth of the Deep State. This is why we need this president to drain the swamp.