The Dems will Never WIN

6 pelosi clap.w700.h700 This. This image right here. This is why the Dems will never win.

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This image right here.
This is why the Dems will never win.

Condescending looks and an unwillingness to cooperate.
WE the PEOPLE voted for Trump to help change things.

If they haven’t realized by now that we’re NOT interested in career politicians, they will never get it…

I was appalled to see Nancy Pelosi sitting behind the president of our great United States, shuffling through papers, and being completely inattentive. I found it rude and an obvious show of nonchalance and rebellion.

Like a pissed off teenager in high school that hates the teacher because they give out too much homework, Pelosi spoke under her breath, fiddled with her papers, and gave subtle cues of disagreement.

The clapping was the tip of the iceberg for me. She’s already proven time and time again she doesn’t care about us. NONE of us. She lies. Repeatedly. “You have to vote for it to see what’s in it,” she’d said of ObummerCare… “Reopen the government and we’ll negotiate,” she said…well, we’ve all seen how that has panned out.


Whether you agree with him or not, there is a certain level of respect that his position deserves. It’s called being polite. Having manners. And remembering that WE WANT HIM THERE. What you think as a politician makes no difference. Get to work and get things done! This bipartisan laziness and nondelivery is inexcusable.

I hope voters remember come election day the reasons behind not only our Winning, but also the reasons behind our failures…


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This. This image right here. This is why the Dems will never win.

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