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If you missed Oprah Winfrey's interview with Meghan Markle, don't sweat it. The attached video snippets and synopsis will catch you up.  

Prince Harry and The Duchess of Sussex Meghan

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If you missed Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Meghan Markle, don’t sweat it. The attached video snippets and synopsis will catch you up.  

For nearly two-hours, the American woman who married a UK prince, who is now a UK prince living in the US, lamented about the racism and rigid behavior she and her husband encountered while living as Royals. 

One encounter involved the skin tone of their then-unborn son, Archie. Would he be born too brown or too dark? FYI: Markle is bi-racial. She was born light-brown. And then there was the issue with the title. She and Harry had titles but their baby wouldn’t. Nor would he be given special security. No royal title or security? A commoner.

The Duchess of Sussex startles Oprah over skin color

Oh but there was more…

Aside from the alleged racism, Markle said she was lonely and unable to speak without the Royal Family’s permission. It was all so much to bear. She claimed to have had suicidal thoughts. The poor thing wanted to kill herself. All of this is reminiscent of what we heard from her deceased mother-in-law Princess Diana nearly some decades ago when she broke free of the Royals.

The Duchess of Sussex contemplated suicide

According to the former actress, silence was the order of the day during her time with the Royals. She had to play by their rules and was forced to live in a big castle with staff to attend to her every beck and call. Sadly though, this level of pampering was a bit much for a girl born in California and never knew of such luxury. Why she even admitted, but later rescinded, of not knowing much at all about the Royal Family. Nevermind information is readily available about them on the internet. I guess everything you’d want to know about the Royals and UK media can be found online, except for allegations of racism (that’s supposed to be an American thing, but then too Markle is an American). 

Anyway, making certain everything was picture perfect for the interview with the big “O” the meekly Duchess of Sussex dressed for the occasion. She donned a $4,000 designer silk dress with $695 spiky black Aquazzura pumps. A Cartier diamond bracelet, blue topaz earrings by Canadian brand Birks and an aquamarine necklace by British designer Pippa Small repleted her outfit. To say the least, the now free princess was dressed to the nines for her TV close-up with Americans on the “O” Network.   

Now enter Prince Harry, who rescued his wife and son from the UK castle and landed them in Canada and then America. Free and away from the Royals. He too was ready for his close-up. Not to be outdone by his better half, hubby Harry, wore a dove gray J. Crew Ludlow suit ($425 jacket and $225 pants). He rounded off his attire with a plain white shirt and oxfords. 

Prince Harry tells Oprah why he and family left the UK

Putting a bow-tie on their tale of entrapment and now freedom the kingdomless couple who spun their seedy story of racism told the once queen of talk show host that they left Great Britain to get away from an intrusive press. How ironic of them to leave the UK’s intrusive press only to embrace an intrusive press of the US. O’ The life of the rich and famous. 

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