The Left Coast is dying

, The Left Coast is dying, magAMedia, magAMedia
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Yesterday @lazymeatball and I watched a documentary by KOMO news in Washington called Seattle is dying.

The documentary discusses the problems in liberal Seattle and throughout the west coast. Homeless are allowed to set up all over the city and the crime is out of control.

San Francisco and Seattle have the two highest property crime rates in the United States by a very wide margin. The reason? The police officers have been handcuffed and are no longer taken serious by the community because the lack of respect they get from the liberal city officials.

The liberal city officials keep getting voted in offering free stuff to the homeless and promises that their crimes will be overlooked. The addicts get no help and are released back onto the street. Cops take no action unless you have over 3 grams of drugs on you. Otherwise you are let go without even being arrested. People who have been arrested over 30 times are still on the streets. The Prisons have stopped taking anyone but violent offenders.

Seattle is dying. A must watch

Liberal Portland, Oregon is facing the same problems.

Oregon homelessness

San Francisco California is the worst of the bunch.

  • Homelessness is rampant
  • Drug usage is at an all time high
  • All ran by Democrats
  • Crime rate has sky rocketed
  • Disease has spread
  • No one getting incarcerated for their crimes
Joe Rogan on California homeless

The citizens of the west coast do not have much time to vote out their Democrat politicians before the entire coast looks like a lawless disaster. Illegals flooding in, laws not enforced, drugs spreading throughout. It is in bad shape and needs fixed sooner than later.

Can it be fixed before it dies?

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, The Left Coast is dying, magAMedia, magAMedia

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