The #MeToo Hypocrites

, The #MeToo Hypocrites, magAMedia, magAMedia

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#MeToo began as a way for victims to have a voice, and speak out against abusers. Now it seems they’re just a bunch of sell-outs.

Harvey Weinstein settled a lawsuit brought on by many Hollywood elites and hopefuls, who claimed he abused them in a sexual manner at some point in their careers.

As I suspected, nothing has come of it. He paid them off, and now will go about his business like nothing ever happened. No repercussions, just hush money. Typical.

What are you standing up for, #MeToo folks? This accomplishes nothing for your cause. No punishment, just a fat payday for the victims.

We all know Oprah helped Harvey Weinstein procure new girls for his delights. This is nothing new, but not even the Queen of talk shows will get a talking to on this one. The proverbial pimp herself, who put girls in harm’s way runs free.

Again, #MeToo folks, what was your purpose with this movement?

Seems to me like you guys let the bad ones go scott free while blaming innocent men along the way.What the hell is wrong with you!?

Just another liberal cry for attention with no real message. Typical.


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, The #MeToo Hypocrites, magAMedia, magAMedia

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