The Real Joe Biden

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So it is official. After many months of speculations on will he or won’t he, he will. Joe Biden, the former Vice President, is entering the presidential race. To many on the left, he is a Godsend. While to others, he is just another privileged old white man claiming privilege to what he thinks he is entitled.

Unfortunately, at the present moment, the liberal MSM don’t seem to care for the former vice president. They will, however, attempt to clean him up and sanitize all of his past indiscretions. Over time, if he is successful and manages to rise above the plethora of Democrats running for president he will look like a choir boy.

Slow it down!

Not so fast. Before he is sanitized and made to look like a choir boy, it is worth taking a look at Uncle Joe’s past positions and statements.

Joe Biden refers to blacks as predators.

Biden was relentless in his attacks on removing so-called predators from society to protect his family.

Joe in full bloom.

Joe Biden on Indian Americans.

Joe seems to have all the answers.

Joe Biden speaks disparagingly about Indians.

Joe Biden on Barack Obama.

Joe describes Obama.

Mean Joe Biden on fighting President Trump.

Joe is ready for a fight.

Joe Biden apologies for being a white man.

Psst…Joe is a white man.

Finally there is creepy Joe Biden.

Joe is a hands on kind of guy.

, The Real Joe Biden, magAMedia, magAMedia

Does America really want this man as the next president? Just say no to Joe.


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1 thought on “The Real Joe Biden

  1. This guy has a ton of baggage.

    Will be interesting to see how the dems handle two old white guys as the front runners

    I am thinking Harris will be whoever’s VP

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