The Western Fatality in Embracing Islam

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26th september 2019 by mario alexis portella

Many in the West, whether willfully or not, continue to insist that Islam can coexist in a democratic society, thereby seeing any reasonable disagreement as xenophobic. Perhaps it is because to the curious eye, Islam, which means “submission,” may seem as a mere assent of the individual Muslim to God expressed at times in a most simple cult, while others tend to see it as a set of norms presented by the Prophet Muhammad fourteen hundred years ago that have been misplaced or misrepresented by so-called extremists. For whatever reason, this nescience has convinced numerous Westerners to embrace Islam, failing to see it for what it truly is: a political entity with the global end to Islamize society: It is He [Allah] Who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the religion of truth, that He may exalt it above every other religion. Allah suffices as witness.  — Sura 48, 28

Last week, American left-wing academics were up in arms about the threat by the Trump administration to cut federal funds for a program promoting Islam that may violate the Constitution, promote anti-Semitism and advance “ideological priorities” that have nothing to do with the purpose of the program.

The program in question is run by the University of North Carolina and Duke University. The Duke-UNC Consortium for Middle East Studies received $235,000 last year from the government for the program which was to promote foreign language instruction for the purpose of preparing students for careers in diplomacy and national security. Instead, an investigation disclosed that the program unfairly promoted “the positive aspects of Islam” but not Christianity or Judaism. Moreover, a conference put on by the program titled “Conflict Over Gaza: People, Politics and Possibilities,” featured a rapper who performed a “brazenly anti-Semitic song.”

In like manner, as reported by Wiiliam Kilpatrick, in Chatham, New Jersey, 7th grade students were subjected to Islamist propaganda as they were coerced to watch a set of videos in their World Cultures and Geography class that essentially proselytizes Islam. One five-minute video declares that:

  • God gave Muhammed the noble Quran;
  • The Quran is a perfect guide for humanity;
  • Islam is a shining beacon against the darkness of repression, segregation, intolerance and racism;
  • The Beautiful Quran is guidance for the wise and sensible.

The video ends with an invitation of sorts: “May God help us all to find the true faith, Islam.”

The Duke-UNC Consortium and the Chatham Islamic project, aside violating the US First Amendment, are part of a subtle campaign — propelled not too long ago by the European Union  (and the United Nations) — to diffuse the religion of Islam, i.e., political Islam in our free Western society.

In June 2015, in an apparent attempt to downplay the incompatibility of a Western and Islamic coexistence, Federica Mogherini, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, stated in June 2015, “I am not afraid to say that political Islam. Religion plays a role in politics — not always for good, not always for bad. Religion can be part of the process. What makes the difference is whether the process is democratic or not… The fear of the other can only lead us to new conflicts.”

Risultati immagini per islamists in the west
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Part of the Western openness to Islam is based on a pretension that it can be a source of equity since most Islamic states today have adopted a “democratic” style of government. We must remember that democracy, from our Western perception, prevents government from making laws which prohibit the free exercise of religion, or abridge the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peacefully assemble, or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Those states that have a “democratic” body politic, such as Egypt and the Kingdom of Morocco legislate draconian practices, like the death penalty for apostasy, female genital mutilation, or the suppression of the right to speak and press, not unlike that of the Iran, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia where the sharia is the prevailing law. This is because Muslims cannot depart from the exclusive community the Prophet Muhammad established.

The Prophet of Islam did not propose a new social doctrine but rather a moralistic exigency, which was materialized into an Arab civitas — a self-reliant and independent nation-state — with the mandate to proliferate Allah’s kingdom throughout the whole world, to every nation. As a social order, Islam can be understood to be a community (umma) that brings Allah’s message of worship and brotherhood, independent from any specific race, language, religion, nation, or geographic borders. The adherent, therefore, in the act of yielding to the tenets of Allah simultaneously becomes a member of a worldwide faith community established by Allah’s Prophet. By “submitting,” the Muslim incorporates a religious identity that is both individual and corporate, as well as a responsibility or duty to unconditionally obey and implement Allah’s will in their personal and social lives.

Some schools take students to mosques and force them to get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah
Some schools take students to mosques for a field trip and force them to get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah. (Photo: – site does not state where this picture was taken)

As a matter of course, the political rapport that Muhammad established with the individual, actualized in citizenship in the new civitas, became the instrument that forcefully and juridically separated the nonbelievers from the community of believers. This Islamic citizenship, characterized by social strife and the spirit of dominion, granted certain rights only to those who accepted the new governing body. Under the impulse of this religious-political message, which entailed a reciprocal solidarity with the tribes of the time, the new Arab civitas began to expand itself through conquests. Subsequently, its body politic imposed absolute rule of law (i.e., the sharia), in order to maintain a united religious-social structure separating humanity into two parts: in Arabs and non-Arabs.

If Islam is to be a part of the democratic governmental structure of the West, we must realize because of the sharia, equity or social development are both negated. As it has played itself out in its 1,400 year-old history, Islam is nothing else than a theocratic system with Allah alone at its head where there is no room for rational thinking that may conflict with the ruling body: It is not for a believer, man or woman, when Allah and His Messenger have decreed a matter that they should have any option in their decision. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he has indeed strayed in a plain error. — Sura 33, 36

The aforementioned Duke-UNC Consortium and the Chatham Islamic project, which seem to have been halted, should serve as a reminder what and how Islam is chipping away at our freedoms because of the futile disposition to embrace it. The sooner we all wake up to that reality, the better.


N. B. Sources not cited may be found in my book Islam: Religion of Peace? The Violation of Natural Rights and Western Cover-Up.

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