They Lied! The Economy is Grrrreat!

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The economy is booming while the left is gloomy. You can’t keep a strong economy down.

jobs The economy is booming while the left is gloomy. You can't keep a strong economy down.
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Remember when the Democrats, the liberal media and other pundits said President Trump would ruin America if elected? They said the stock market would crash. Well, they lied. It didn’t happen.

It was also predicted under a Trump presidency: the economy would tank, the US would go to war, we’d all be dead, Trump colluded with Russia and he was a Russian spy. Trump’s children would be indicted forcing him to resign as president. Again all lies. None of that happened.

Doom and gloom from the media

Liberal media hysteria of lies.

Prosperity for all is what happened

While the media and Democrats were lamenting doom and gloom, the economy was beating all estimates. Unemployment at a 50 year low (especially for black and Hispanics). Inflation under control and the stock market indexes (Dow and S&P 500) toying with record highs.

We were lead to believe none of the above could or would happen. It was impossible. Unfortunately, we are still being told it’s not happening. Some are even speculating as to when the numbers (they call a fantasy) will fall. They are betting against America. The country that has given them so many opportunities.

President Trump rallies the troop on a good economy

President Trump toots his horn about the great economy

While it is true that every good thing must come to an end, it doesn’t have to end so soon, though. The economy can have its ebbs and flows without completely falling apart. However, if America elects a Democrat or socialist, it is a safe bet to say the prosperity we are experiencing now will abruptly end. The left doesn’t like prosperity. They prefer dependency and socialism. So America better wake-up and Vote Red to save the country.

Keep making America great!


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