Tom Hanks and wife Rita move to Greece just days before Epstein Docs released

200727 tom hanks rita wilson jm 1347 6a6744271e3bb5c923ed144cf9c4f27b In fact, they didn't just move there, they are officially citizens. We're not saying there's a connection here, but it is a rather convenient choice. As you will remember, Tom Hanks was one of many stars who was outed as a pedophile by Isaac Kappy.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 09: (L-R) Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson attend the 92nd Annual Academy Awards at Hollywood and Highland on February 09, 2020 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

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In fact, they didn’t just move there, they are officially citizens. We’re not saying there’s a connection here, but it is a rather convenient choice. As you will remember, Tom Hanks was one of many stars who was outed as a pedophile by Isaac Kappy.

Isaac Kappy was found dead after “flinging himself off a bridge into traffic,” (If you can believe that…) just weeks affter outing several high profile Hollywood elites as pedophiles.

Hanks and Rita became citizens a couple weeks ago and finally made the big move just a few days ago.

What is also intriguing is the fact that the Epstein documents have finally been unsealed, and names have been named. Some of the names are still retracted, but this is just the beginning, folks.

Greece considers pedophilia a disability, and as such, those people suffering from the ailment, have certain protections..

One protection is extradition.

they do extradite, but refuse about 20% of requests for lack of dual criminality.

Greece has refused extradition in about 10-20% of all cases, mainly due to the lack of dual criminality, the Greek nationality of the requested person, because he/she had been granted asylum,

requests for the execution of European Arrest Warrants, due the frequent existence of further obstacles to the surrender of the requested person, such as the partial commission of the crime on Greek territory or the raising of criminal charges in Greece for the same offence.

In contrast, the vast majority of requests sent to non-EU States are not satisfied, with the exception of Albania. Issues have been encountered with some countries due to increased evidentiary requirements, leading to their not accepting to proceed with the extradition requested.

Which offences are extraditable under Greek law?

Greece grants cooperation on extradition based on the principle of dual criminality. Extradition shall normally be granted in respect of offences punishable under the laws of both the requesting and the requested Party by deprivation of liberty or a security measure for a maximum period of at least one year or by a more severe penalty. In cases of multiple crimes the extradition is permitted for all acts, if one of them is punishable by one of the above penalties. Where a conviction to a penalty has occurred or a security measure has been ordered in the territory of the requesting Party, the punishment issued must have normally been for a period of at least four months.

So basically, the crime has to be a crime in both countries. Greece doesn’t consider pedophilia a crime. Therefore, extradition to the US would not be a consideration. Greek citizens do not get extradited either. So there’s that…

From AP News:

Greek disability groups expressed anger Monday at a government decision to expand a list of state-recognized disability categories to include pedophiles, exhibitionists and kleptomaniacs.

The National Confederation of Disabled People called the action “incomprehensible,” and said pedophiles are now awarded a higher government disability pay than some people who have received organ transplants.

The Labor Ministry said categories added to the expanded list – that also includes pyromaniacs, compulsive gamblers, fetishists and sadomasochists – were included for purposes of medical assessment and used as a gauge for allocating financial assistance.

But NCDP leader Yiannis Vardakastanis, who is blind, warned the new list could create new difficulties for disabled Greeks who are already facing benefit cuts due to the country’s financial crisis.

“What’s happened is incomprehensible. I think there is some big mistake. The ministry should have a different policy on disability,” Vardakastanis told the Associated Press. “The list contains major changes to disability quotients, which could effectively remove many people from access to benefits.”

The new list gives pyromaniacs and pedophiles disability pay up to 35 percent, compared to 80 percent for heart transplant recipients.

“It’s really not serious to grant Peeping Toms a 20-30 percent disability rate, and 10 percent to diabetics, who have insulin shots four or five times a day,” said Vardakastanis.

Greece has been fighting to avoid bankruptcy since 2009. Public spending on health and welfare programs has been sharply cut under austerity measures imposed as a condition for receiving emergency loans from the International Monetary Fund and other countries using the euro currency.

Independently run welfare programs that survived on state grants have been the hardest hit, leaving some disabled groups, including the deaf, facing sudden drops in their standard of care.

The government is also battling widespread abuse in the welfare system, forcing tens of thousands of disabled people to be reassessed.

Of course…most people would say this is fake news. There are a ton of naysayers out there on the subject. As much as we love Tom Hanks and others on Kappy’s list, we can’t help but raise the people’s eyebrow on this one.

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