Transgender Doctor Delivers Transgender man’s non-binary partner’s baby with Transgender sperm donor

skynews transgender man birth 4878329 Say what? Even I don't understand the title.

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Say what? Even I don’t understand the title.

In Britain, proud dad Reuben Sharpe has revealed how he gave birth to miracle baby Jamie with partner Jay in Britain’s most modern family – and even the couple’s doctor was transgender.
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Reuben transitioned to a man 12 years ago, but stopped taking testosterine 6 years ago, in hopes he could conceive a child. His partner, Jay is “non-binary” so does not identify as male or female.

“It wasn’t that I was desperate to have the birthing experience or pregnancy experience, but I wanted a child and I had the facility to do it.

Reuben began living as a man in 2007 – taking male hormones which left him with a beard, deep voice and masculine features. Since he still had ovaries and his womb, doctors assured him he could still get pregnant.

Reuben faced endless tests on his hormone levels and fertility and at one point a friend offered to carry the baby for him if he was unable to.

Then Reuben got his first break. He explains: “I woke up the next morning and my period had started for the first time in six years.

“It was such a relief. It’s weird, but I knew it was the start of something I wanted so badly.”

Next, Reuben and Jay had to consider who could act as the sperm donor. They Facebooked a contact who is a trans woman but can still produce sperm.

Reuben adds: “I thought they would be perfect.

“Sperm donation is a big decision to make, but when we asked the donor, it felt so right. We sent a message on Facebook to ask.”

Jay and Reuben chose to have IUI, which means the sperm was inserted into Reuben’s womb by a doctor at a private fertility clinic. Three rounds of treatment cost £6,000.
1 AGP MDM 271119BABY 029JPG Say what? Even I don't understand the title.

I think the question regarding “how many genders are there?” has been answered here. No matter how people live, play, or pretend, there are still only two genders. A man and a woman. Male and Female. Simply because you “live as a man” does not make it so. This birth was possible simply for one, well two reasons:

The man who used to be a woman still had their ovaries and could still conceive.

The woman who still had his penis could still ejaculate sperm.

Yes, egg + sperm = baby.