Treasonous ISIS bride wants to return to the US

, Treasonous ISIS bride wants to return to the US, magAMedia, magAMedia
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At 19, a woman from Hoover, Alabama traveled to Syria to join ISIS. To be a part of the Islamic state.

After 5 years and 3 husbands she is begging to return to the United States.

Through a family representative she released the statement:

“When I left to Syria I was a naive, angry, and arrogant young woman. I thought that I understood my religious beliefs.”

Vice President Mike Pence and President Donald Trump have said she will not be allowed to return because she forefitted her citizenship when she left.

Secretary Mike Pompeo said:

She’s not a U.S. citizen. She has no claim of U.S. citizenship.” Pompeo told an Iowa radio host Monday. “In fact, she’s a terrorist, and we shouldn’t bring back foreign terrorists to the United States of America.”

Now the treasonous traitor Muthana and her father had the nerve to file a lawsuit against the Trump admin.

Her lawyer fighting to get her back in has said.

I’m not defending her conduct there.  In fact her conduct is indefensible,” Swift said. “But I don’t have to because banishment is not a recognized crime.”

Banishment may not be a crime, but Treason is! If she wants to come back I say let her come back and face treason charges for betraying this country.

Levies war against the United States ✔ Guilty

Adheres to its enemy’s by giving them aid and comfort ✔ Guilty

Betrayal of allegiance to the United States ✔ Guilty

It is a pretty clear cut case: she is a treasonous traitor who should be prosecuted for working with the enemy to inflict death on Americans.

In a March 2015 tweet, she said: “Go on drive bys, and spill all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriots, Memorial, etc day … Kill them.”

The punishment upon treason is death. If she wants to come home and face a possible death penalty with the clear cut case against her I say we let her.


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, Treasonous ISIS bride wants to return to the US, magAMedia, magAMedia

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2 thoughts on “Treasonous ISIS bride wants to return to the US

  1. Returning to face charges of treason, might allow her to plead “temporary insanity” as a nineteen year old. Making her stay in that hell hole she chose, while servicing a few more “husbands”, seems a more apt punishment. Only by providing convincing testimony that Tlaib, Sarsour, Farrakahn, Omar, CAIR, and all the other jihadis in America, wish to see the destruction of the Constitution by using its guarantees, could bring her absolution. Sadly, like most leftists, she has no credibility.

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