President Trump Blasts Morning Joe Scarborough AND Media EXPLODES : Priceless ! VIDEO

Trump Blasts Morning Joe, President Trump Blasts Morning Joe Scarborough AND Media EXPLODES : Priceless ! VIDEO, magAMedia, magAMedia
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Trump Blasts Morning Joe : Kayleigh McEnany held a White House press conference today and was asked about Trump tweeting about Joe Scarborough. Like always McEnany was on her A game and had facts about the case. She questioned Joe Scarborough’s decision to appear on Morning Joe and joke about the incident.

Trump Blasts Morning Joe : Media Panics!

On Twitter and other social media platform the liberal media is panicking and demanding that President Trump’s tweets be taken down. Claiming the President is dangerous and should have his account suspended for his tweets this morning.

Before this incident Joe Scarborough’s wife and co-host Mika Brzezinski had a complete meltdown on twitter.

Mika Tweeted the same video over and over and over on her own timeline. She was clearly already unhinged and President Trump keeps poking the bear.

Tattle Telling

Tattle-telling once again and crying to Jack Dorsey to try to get the President removed from Twitter. So what else is new? Democrats have been trying to get rid of Trump for the last four years!

One user on Twitter said it very well: “Based on her ratings, the overwhelming majority of Americans have no idea she’s on television, where she serves as her husband’s shoulder armor.”

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