Trump Rally-Live Coverage

, Trump Rally-Live Coverage, magAMedia, magAMedia

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El Paso, Texas: Trump Supporters are already eagerly awaiting the President’s arrival to today’s rally!

Watch LIVE at 7pm MST/9pm EST here:

Trump Rally- El Paso, Texas

We’ll update you with new pictures and Tweets as the day progresses! Let’s #MAGA!

Awesome view of the patriots waiting in line 🙂
Stable Genius and We LOVE the USA!
Look at this awesome crowd of patriots! I can feel the love!
This is so cool!
Donald Trump runs the show in this country!
Warning: may cause hearing loss….
Check it out: Trump vs. Beto
Ted Cruz is killin it!
Name one!
I’m guessing Uranus
52% approval rate! MSM fails to recognize how awesome our president really is!
Texas oil production at all-time high! We don’t need to rely on foreign oil anymore!
Democrats are colluding with Russia and the Fake News!!!!
NO Late term abortions!
We will stand by our law enforcement! We swill stand by ICE! and WE WILL BUILD THE WALL!!!
Look at all those patriots!!!
End slavery and human trafficking!!

Such a fantastic rally! Thanks for watching out with us!

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, Trump Rally-Live Coverage, magAMedia, magAMedia

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