Combat Disabled Vet who was Attacked by Nicole Eggert Needs your Help!

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From the GoFundMe Page here:

If you interact with me much on Twitter, you know that I hate the hoops that our veterans have to jump through, just to receive the “benefits” that they were promised when they served in our military.  

You’ve probably also seen me banter with two of my favorite people – @Randomvet and @Poochinzo.  

They are in need of help to start their new life (and hopefully family! ) in their forever home.  The current minimum projection, barring further VA hiccups, is about $3000.

He is a 100% disabled vet, and it took 11 years for the VA to approve his disability. Sadly a common problem, but it still sucks.  She has been working full time.
They are a super sweet conservative couple that have been trying to get the heck out of the Pacific Northwest (they’re conservative…) A series of rental houses that were mold riddled, not repaired, or in neighborhoods where theft occurred  regularly meant new deposits each move and dwindled their reserves. They have been selling furniture and personal posessions to pay

So, invoking their VA homeowners benefits, they found a house on some nice land in the Great Lakes area.  Veterans United was helping facilitate the purchase while the couple still lived on the West Coast. They were quoted $0 closing costs. @Poochinzo put in her notice at work (she will be working for the same company after the move) because they were told to plan to move in on July 1. 

Ha! This is the VA! Of course it wasn’t that easy.  The VA needs more inspections, more tests for the water well, oops – there is going to be $1500 and counting in closing costs. 

Now….crossing our fingers, they can move in at the end of August.  After paying 2 additional months rent, her being out of work for two months, and having  Uhaul, gas, hotel, and food to pay for to get their new home…they will arrive with almost no furniture, because they have been selling stuff for money to live on.

On behalf of my friends I am asking; any amount is welcome. I’ve pledged to make up any difference between the request and the donations.  I think they are rightfully afraid that I’d invite myself up for extended visits if I chip in….

Note: I do not use their real names because vets aren’t always treated well on social media.  Their twitter handles are established, and I use my real name.  Please feel free to contact me with questions.

We spoke with Mike & Eddie (the two Vets that Nicole attacked) and Scott Baio in the article below.

Please read their story.