West Virginia: Syrian Muslim Sanctuary Paradise

, West Virginia: Syrian Muslim Sanctuary Paradise, magAMedia, magAMedia

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Black and White Americans have been forced out of a small West Virginia community, while Syrian refugees are being treated like kings and queens. A local man spoke up about what is going on in his neighborhood and I completely agree with him. Speak up, America! This is ridiculous!

Why do we pay more money to refugees (numbers vary, but average I keep seeing on the web is around 56K per year, more if you have children), than say a senior citizen on SSI, Veterans, people on disability, our OWN AMERICAN SINGLE MOTHERS?

The amount of money given to refugees over American citizens is absolutely sickening. The Refugee costs: $8.8 billion, $80,000 per immigrant, free welfare, free Medicaid. I know people on SSI who get 500.00 a month and 120.00 in food stamps. These are senior citizens, people who have worked their whole lives, paying into the system…talk about crumbs! That’s not enough to pay rent! If they owned a home they’d lose it, because they’d never be able to afford the property taxes…..

So while the average Joe works three jobs to pay for rent, gas, and food, the average refugee is living large on OUR DIME. And most still can’t afford health insurance…

We’re not even talking about how much illegal immigration is costing us every day. People making these policies are anti-American!


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, West Virginia: Syrian Muslim Sanctuary Paradise, magAMedia, magAMedia

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7 thoughts on “West Virginia: Syrian Muslim Sanctuary Paradise

  1. I don’t make a lot on SS, but I don’t complain because it’s my own fault or not applying myself when I was younger. But why should Syrians come here and make 3 times as much as me, sponging off of US taxpayers?
    And another thing- you can bet your bottom dollar that these people will start getting involved in politics as soon as they get here.
    CAIR even said that they want to be the dominant religion here.

  2. Why do I want America to leave the Unite Nations? Because the UN is now run by mostly Muslims! The UN did not make almost all rich Muslim countries from taking their Muslim brothers from Syria or any other when that country was at war and being destroyed. No, this was aimed to be given to all non Muslim/Islamic countries with USA getting the most. If the UN can not play far and equal, why should pay billions and be used???

    1. i believe he is referring to Charleston. the refugee program began there in the 1980s, but ramped up in 2016, 2017, and forward to accept more than 10,000 refugees.

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