What Does Wearing a Mask Do?

MASK by Daveda Gruber:

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by Daveda Gruber:

Do we all know the ramifications of wearing a mask? I do but unfortunately the general population, the “sheeple” do not know.

When we take a breath, we pull air into our lungs that contains mostly nitrogen and oxygen. When we exhale, we breathe out mostly carbon dioxide.

To breath that back in will eventually make you very sick and possibly cause LUNG CANCER!

Here are some reasons why:

When you inhale (breathe in), air enters your lungs and oxygen from the air moves from your lungs to your blood. At the same time, carbon dioxide, a waste gas, moves from your blood to the lungs and is exhaled (breathe out).

A mask changes all that. When wearing a mask, you are breathing in what you exhale.

Breathing releases carbon monoxide, which is important to fully release. Actually, breathing is in charge of 70% of cleansing the body of toxins (the other 30% is through bladder and bowels). If you do not breathe fully, your body must work overtime to release these toxins.

The average human exhales about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide on an average day. The exact quantity depends on your activity level and a person engaged in vigorous exercise produces up to eight times as much CO2 as his sedentary brethren.

Do people actually know what they are doing to their bodies by wearing a mask while exercising outdoors?

Oxygen radicals tend to harm the fats, protein and DNA in your body. This damages your eyes so you can’t see properly, and your lungs, so you can’t breathe normally. So breathing pure oxygen is quite dangerous.

Try to tell that to the “Oxygen Bars” that I’ve visited but will never go back to.

Oxygen can make you high. It’s absolutely true! Pure oxygen can give rise to feelings of euphoria.

Contrary to popular myth, hyperventilating air at ordinary pressures never causes oxygen toxicity (the dizziness is due to CO2 levels dropping too low), but breathing oxygen at pressures of 0.5 bar or more (roughly two and a half times normal) for more than 16 hours can lead to irreversible lung damage and, eventually, death.

When we exhale, we breathe out less oxygen but more carbon dioxide than we inhale.

Some carbon we breathe out as carbon dioxide comes from the carbon in the food we eat. The carbon dioxide is dissolved in the blood, carried to the lungs by the circulation, and breathed out.

Carbon dioxide is essential for internal respiration in a human body. Internal respiration is a process, by which oxygen is transported to body tissues and carbon dioxide is carried away from them. Carbon dioxide is a guardian of the pH of the blood, which is essential for survival.

Your body can’t live without the oxygen you breathe in from the air. But if you have lung disease or other medical conditions, you may not get enough of it. That can leave you short of breath and cause problems with your heart, brain, and other parts of your body.

Wearing a mask can cause serious health issues. Those in government who would try to force us to wear masks would like to get rid of some of the human population.

After all, we all know that Bill Gates wants to lower the world population, don’t we? After all, the common people with pre-existing conditions and the older generation are not important, right?

Sick and old people cost money to support. That doesn’t make money for the elite so why should they bother? They’re above all that, right?

We all know or should know that Doctor Anthony Fauci is in business to make money with Bill Gates, right? Fauci isn’t a medical doctor but a doctor of science who loves money.

If you don’t know these facts, I’m sorry if I burst your bubble but, I can save your life. Refuse to wear a mask! I do and will not wear one!

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