What Would King Say or Do?

Screenshot 20200120 091347 Gallery Has Martin Luther King Jr's dream been realized?

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Has Martin Luther King Jr’s dream been realized?

Just a simple question that is often raised and asked by many either for political gain or a point of reference. Citing better race relations and progress made by people of color some say yes the dream is being realized but not yet realized. While others would say we are a long way off from the dream being realized citing police brutality and poverty in minority communities.

But if King was alive today what would he say or do? Would he say the dream is realized or being realized? Would he support a president who has reduced unemployment for blacks and other minorities; not to mention created prison reform? Would he look positively at the housing market that has opened up for blacks? Would he praise the fact that blacks are becoming self-sufficient from burdensome governmental programs? Would he support illegal aliens coming across the border taking away from the already oppressed in America? Would he say this president has done a mighty good job of realizing my dream?


Would he be a partisan hack, as many of today’s Civil Rights Leaders seem to have become (favoring money and fame over justice and equality)? Would he work to be a star on social media or an influencer? Would he spin the news for his personal gain and power? Would he fight against a president who is working to make America Great Against? Would he use chicaneray to keep people of color and other minorities on the slave plantation of Democrats?

I always find it interesting how people tend to cherry-pick King’s ideas to fit their political persuasion. Oftentimes saying what he would or wouldn’t say and do in a particular moment.

Of course, their suppositions are clearly hypothetical for no one really knows what he would say or do (or not say or not do). All that we have close to answering those questions are his teachings embedded in speeches and actions. From that, we know he worked with Republicans to push an agenda of peace and equality for people of color and all others. He was for equal justice for all no matter what the cause. Given today’s environment, it makes you wonder who is being true to the dream and who is only using it for political purposes.

With that said, I ask what would King say and do about today’s political environment?