What’s Up with CPAC? Owen Shroyer Kicked out, Laura Loomer Banned

, What’s Up with CPAC? Owen Shroyer Kicked out, Laura Loomer Banned, magAMedia, magAMedia

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CPAC March 2019: Laura Loomer had to give up her media credentials after confronting CNN media hosts on their coverage of Alex Jones, and his subsequent blacklisting from Twitter, Facebook, and essentially the interwebs.

Owen Shroyer was kicked out of CPAC on his third day there. He was given no reason, although it is believed it may have been due to his confrontation with Charlie Kirk, who had refused an interview.

Watch him leave CPAC:

Gavin McInnes was also kicked out of CPAC:

An emergency “Save the First Amendment Summit” was held by some of the people that were not permitted to attend CPAC. The list of speakers there are as follows:

  • Alex Jones
  • Owen Shroyer
  • Gavin McInnes
  • Millie Weaver
  • Nick Fuentes
  • Patrick Howley
  • Peter D’Abrosca
  • DeAnna Lorraine
  • Enrique Tarrio
  • Tom Pappert

At least they didn’t silence everyone. Lady Maga was there interviewing people, and making the rounds.

At any rate, I am not quite sure why CPAC would not permit some people vs others at the event, especially paying members.

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