Will Dems Reconsider their “Open-Borders” policies after the Coronavirus National Emergency is Over?

, Will Dems Reconsider their “Open-Borders” policies after the Coronavirus National Emergency is Over?, magAMedia, magAMedia

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Simple question. Will the Democrats and Progressives trying to destroy our country with open borders reconsider their policies after seeing the devasation a foreign virus can do to the U.S. economy, the U.S. way of life, and our health?

After watching the debates with Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, I would have to say no.

They bumped elbows, smiling, and laughing, all the while, instead of the usual handshake due to the recent outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19), in front of an empty audience.

Joe Biden stated he would not deport anyone in his first 100 days, except for those that are felons. So, he is in fact welcoming Typhus, Malaria, Measles, and anything else that could enter our country through the open border system.

Bernie Sanders said he would seek to temporarily halt deportations, decriminalize border crossings and “break up” the Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection agencies.

It is well known that in places such as San Francisco , New York, and Los Angeles, diseases that have been eradicated, diseases we haven’t seen since the Middle Ages, are rearing their heads once again.

Typhus, Measles, THE PLAGUE, have all made a comeback, and in a giant way.

In this age of technology, we need to protect ourselves and our citizens. We can do it with proper baseline screenings of all people coming into our country legally. We can do it at airports for people on international flights, we can do it in every instance possible, but it won’t make a lick of difference if we allow illegal aliens to continue to flood our borders.

We need to make a stand.

This virus should be a wake-up call to all progressives and Democrats who think the world can be just one big, happy, loving place. Besides the people that come here and end up harming our citizens intentionally, via rape, murder, vehicular homicide, and the like, or unintentionally, by transferring diseases, and being a burdon on our system financially, there is a breaking point.

Ideas and views on border security needs to be broader and more encompassing. We need to protect our sovereignty and our health.

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