Your Word Is Your Bond

your word is your bond Nancy Pelosi is a liar. 

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Nancy Pelosi is a liar. 

There are no if and or buts about it.  She is a liar.

Also making the list with Fancy Nancy is her cohort weeping Chuck Schumer.  Though some on the left (especially the liberal MSM) probably applaud their double tongues, I find it repulsive. Your word should be your bond. What else is there if it isn’t?

Back when the government was closed Fancy Nancy and Weeping Chuck lamented on live TV that if the president would just reopen the government they would begin in earnest negotiations on a border security wall. The government is opened and neither are in sight for negotiations. In fact, shortly after the president agreed to end the shutdown, out of compassion for the 800,000 American federal workers hurt by it, Fancy Nancy said she would be willing to talk about border security. 

But just as soon as she left the podium, with her speech of unity, she headed out of town without talks on security.  Fancy Nancy reappeared later atop her soapbox saying walls are immoral or amoral (not sure which she is trying to say).  

Now, mind you some Democrats want to make a deal with the president, as they realize border security is important and experts say they work.  The president, for his part, has gone from calling it a wall to a fence or a barrier (really semantics for liberals fear certain words and need safe spaces). But still, Fancy Nancy and Weeping Chuck aren’t having it. No Wall! No fences! No barriers! No security for the American people.

It’s amazing that both Fancy Nancy and Weeping Chuck, prior to Trump being president, were all on board with border security.  They’d even voted for a wall in previous sessions of Congress. However fearing a victory for President Trump and his base to keep illegal aliens, drugs, human trafficking, and other horrible things from crossing the border, they are against it.  Either the two hate law and order or don’t want Trump to be successful (it could be all of the above).  

What is interesting about the whole border security wall debate is that those who are so vehemently against it live behind walls for security. Not only that, they applaud other countries who use walls to protect its borders (Saudi Arabia and yes Mexico, to name two). So why in the devil do they fight against America protecting its border?

At the end of the day, the way I see it your word should be your bond. It is a testament to who you say you are as a person.  Without it you are nothing, but a cheap politician peddling lies for votes.  


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